Woodstone Grey Hexagon 48

12.18  pcs.


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Product information
10 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
≥ 3,5%
Grout width
2 mm
Slice weight
2 kg
Element dimension
48x55 mm
Slice/tile dimension
29,8x30,2 cm
for the floor, for the walls
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Immortal marble has been used for centuries for interior finishing. Also today it enchants with its appearance in the interiors of homes and offices. It has become a synonym of luxury, timeless elegance and a sense of taste. Thanks to DUNIN, the decorative potential of marble has reached an even higher level which is reflected in the mosaics and tiles from the Woodstone series. Our catalog is rich in products that escape well-known forms. We play with shapes and colors subtly, giving marble a 21st century design without losing its original potential and properties.

Real marble

At DUNIN, we focus on the highest quality materials. This is also seen in Woodstone mosaics and tiles. This is the original marble in the full sense of the word. Unlike products that imitate it, the original material provides a number of benefits. First of all, Woodstone tiles are very durable. They are not easy to damage or scratch, so they are perfect for a wall but they can also function on the floor where they will look equally impressive. Original marble tiles, provided they are cared for properly, can also cope with dirt. They do not penetrate deep into the mosaic, so dirt is easy to remove if the mosaic has been properly impregnated which is crucial for its durability. In addition, marble effectively resists water and conducts heat efficiently. All this makes Woodstone mosaics and tiles perfect for the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Woodstone – a choice for many rooms

The advantage of the Woodstone series is its diversity. We have prepared an offer consisting of many products made of natural stone in shades of gray. The gray will suit rooms decorated in various styles. The designs themselves are also quite available. We offer, among others geometric mosaics composed of small tiles in the shape of squares of various sizes or impressive hexagons. Marble panels and fancy circular versions are also waiting for you. Mosaics and Woodstone tiles guarantee aesthetic and elegant interiors in each case.

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