Spark Magnetic 23

10.50  pcs.


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Product information
8 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
Slice weight
1,55 kg
Element dimension
23x23 mm
Slice/tile dimension
29,8x29,8 cm
for the walls
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Is originality important to you and would you like to express it in an effective way? Spark glass mosaics will then be the perfect support. They were created with wall surfaces in mind. They will be perfect on the walls at home, in a company or in a club, where they will provide a unique atmosphere. This is an extravagant proposition for fans of modern solutions, in which designers have additionally woven all the advantages of a classic mosaic. The Spark series offers great arrangement possibilities.

What’s inside the Spark series?

Spark mosaics are not obvious in terms of design and difficult to classify unequivocally. They radiate extravagance which attracts the eye and mesmerizingly attracts attention for a long time. On the one hand, the mosaic seems quite classic because it is composed of square tiles of various sizes, arranged symmetrically on a glass fiber mesh. On the other hand, the colors given to the tiles and the patterns invented by the designers create very expressive images. We offer our clients a lot of choice in terms of colors. Mosaics in the following colors are waiting for you: brown, Black purple or orange. Products from the Spark line have a pleasant to the touch texture which additionally increases the comfort of their everyday use. By ordering them you bet on a new type of elegance.

Recommended for interiors

The offered mosaics are recommended to be mounted on wall surfaces inside the rooms. In internal conditions, they will decorate the walls for a long time because they are characterized by high durability. The advantage of the products from the Spark series is also the convenience in their everyday use. They resist contamination well and any possible dirt can be easily cleaned. For the installation of Spark tiles, we recommend using Techn!K building chemicals. These are special renovation accessories (adhesives, grouts) dedicated to DUNIN products. In this way you can be sure that the mosaic will bond well with the substrate and will not fall off the glued surface. We also encourage you to check the Inspirations tab where we present interesting ideas for using our tiles and mosaics.

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