Q Violet

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Product information
4 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
Q Series
Grout width
2 mm
Slice weight
0,7 kg
Element dimension
20x20 mm
Slice/tile dimension
32,7x32,7 cm
for the floor, for the walls
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We break the arrangement restrictions and with the Q Series product line we take the aesthetics of swimming pool, wall and floor mosaics to a higher level of design. Tiles available in our catalogues can take on very different patterns, from consistent colors, through gradation to various types of patterns. Q Series products are characterized by above-average functionalities, e.g. specific models have anti-slip properties. Thanks to DUNIN glass mosaics, you will be able to let your imagination run wild and enjoy a personalized interior.

Choose without limits

Q Series mosaics remove the word “restrictions” from the dictionary. By reaching for these unusual mosaics, you will gain interior comfort in many fields in the context of the swimming pool space, SPA, Wellness. First of all, the catalogue of available products is full of colorful splendor. You can choose both single-colored and multi-colored proposals in various shades. It is up to you whether you choose traditional black and White or let your imagination run wild, reaching for options such as orange or yellow. Mosaic designers Q Series have additionally created products that present specific paintings. In total, the catalogues of the Q Series line consist of several dozen options that will allow you to match the perfect pattern to almost any space.

Application of Q Series mosaic

Q Series mosaic is a special product that is made on the basis of quartz glass according to very strict standards during a carefully supervised process. All this so that the tiles have high resistance to mechanical damage and resistance to water. Q Series mosaics are additionally distinguished by certificates confirming their high-class anti-slip properties. Thanks to these advantages, they can be safely installed not only in homes but above all they are dedicated to public spaces, such as swimming pools, hotels or SPA. They will prove themselves as an effective decoration of bathrooms, saunas and paddling pools. You can put them on both wall surfaces and floors that are in constant contact with water. Let us add that at DUNIN we offer custom-made designs.

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