MP-621 ceiling rosette

56.70  pcs.

Ceiling rosettes MP-621 are made from lightweight, hard and sound-absorbent, isothermal material. They are lightweight, easy to assemble and water resistant. Couted with primer paint. They may constitute a decorative finish under chandelier.

  • can be painted with any color
  • polyurethane
  • easy to assemble

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Product information
3,9 cm
priming paint
Element dimension
Φ620 mm
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We invite you to take a look at another proposal of unusual cornices from the rich catalogs of DUNIN products. We present smooth medallions , which, if properly treated, will become a real decoration of home interiors. The medallions visible in this category are mainly dedicated to lamps which they give a unique character forming a timeless background for them. They will also help to create elegant arrangements in office spaces, giving them a luxurious flair. We offer products that meet stringent quality standards and at the same time remain in line with current trends. Designers appreciate them not only for their attractive appearance but also for practical functionalities.

A universal and effective decor

cornices is a broadly defined concept and includes, inter alia, strips, profiles and just smooth medallions . The distinguished decors can be used in interiors as part of individual decorations or create coherent arrangements based on accessories designed in one style. However, this does not mean that you have to create uniform concepts. Smooth medallions of white color can be a contrast to walls in much darker colors. It also depends on the will of the designer whether they will become the main character of the decor or one of the many elements that determine the character of the room. High versatility of application and effective design of medallions allow for the implementation of architectural fantasies.

Decorative strength hidden in a simple design

Smooth profiles with full conviction can be classified as products with impeccable stylistics. Their design is based on thoughtful cutters that look like small works of art thanks to the ingenuity of the designers. The medallions also have a remarkable structure. They break patterns in an eye-catching way, playing with form. They also have the potential to influence optics. A specific arrangement will often look completely different if you choose models with a concave characteristic, instead of a more convex version. Smooth medallions enchant with an elegant style, matching both modern and classic interiors. They help to create a harmonious and effective interior design.

Products of different sizes

An important advantage of medallions is their diversity in terms of construction. After all, rooms in the home or in the office have different cubature, so you should take care not only about the design of the accessories, but also their appropriate size. Too small, smooth medallions can optically “disappear” on a large wall. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that too large decors in a smaller room will dominate the entire arrangement. At DUNIN, we have made every effort to ensure that our customers receive products that meet different tastes. The smallest decors are over 20 cm in diameter. The most impressive decorative accessories are over 60 cm in diameter. Just order medallions tailored to your specific needs.

Medallions are suitable for many rooms

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