MO-602 ceiling rosette

60.90  pcs.

Ceiling rosettes MO-602 are made from lightweight, hard and sound-absorbent, isothermal material. They are lightweight, easy to assemble and water resistant. Couted with primer paint. They may constitute a decorative finish under chandelier.

  • can be painted with any color
  • polyurethane
  • easy to assemble

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Product information
5,5 cm
priming paint
Element dimension
Φ600 mm
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cornices has a faithful group of fans but it should not surprise anyone because medallions with ornaments can really enchant with their design. These round decorations contain extremely elaborate details. It is easy to admire the motifs presented on the decors. Anyone who decides to order DUNIN products will also quickly appreciate the quality of their workmanship. They are not only durable, but also resistant to many unfavorable factors, e.g. moisture. We present medallions with ornament premium class, designed for the most demanding interior decorators.

Original and effective design

Medallions with ornaments are not a new solution. on the contrary, they were eagerly used by architects who lived hundreds of years ago which perfectly illustrates the timeless nature of these products. Over the centuries, fashion has changed which also influenced the design of accessories. This can be seen in the decors in our catalogs. We have included both medallions closer to modern concepts and products based on classic decorations. We have a large selection of models that match interiors with different styles. We leave the final choice of motifs to our clients, because we know that there are at least as many arrangement concepts as there are people who create them. All medallions with ornament have precisely made details.

Medallions of various sizes

Many elements affect the final assessment of the arrangement of rooms. Of course, design and aesthetics are at the heart of it, but that’s not all. The size of the decors is also important. Even the most effective products can lose their decorative potential if their dimensions are not adjusted to the size of the room. For this reason, we offer medallions with ornaments of various sizes. The smallest, richly decorated accessories are several centimeters in diameter. The largest models have a cross-section of nearly 70 cm, so they will remain perfectly visible on large walls or ceilings. When designing interiors, you can choose products in one scale or play with the form and mix the sizes of the decors.

Modern production method, innovative materials

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