Emperador Mix 15

13.65  pcs.

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Product information
10 mm
Number of pieces per 1m2
≥ 3,5%
Grout width
2 mm
Slice weight
1,8 kg
Element dimension
15x15 mm
Slice/tile dimension
30,5x30,5 cm
for the floor, for the walls
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Do you care about timeless elegance and giving the rooms a luxurious character? Choose mosaics and tiles from the Travertine + Emperador line. These are the highest quality products made of natural marble and travertine. At DUNIN, we have given these classic materials a modern twist, further increasing their already impressive arrangement value. The interiors designed with their use delight with simple, yet rich aesthetics. Travertine + Emperador mosaics can be placed on both walls and floors.

Always trendy, always glamorous

Marble and travertine are materials the aesthetic qualities of which defend themselves. Despite the fact that interior finishing trends change quickly, they are constantly on the arrangement top, having a lot of supporters. It cannot be otherwise because Travertine + Emperador mosaics simply look very impressive. Their deep colors and fancy, naturally occurring patterns are striking at first sight and the enchantment with them only increases over time. You can feel the raw form of natural stone in them, which radiates durability and the promise of many years of trouble-free use. Products from the Travertine + Emperador line with a clear conscience can be recommended not only to homes, but also e.g. hotels, SPA and Wellness spaces, clubs and restaurants where they will be subjected to intensive use.

Marble and travertine – beautiful and functional

Natural decorative stones in the form of travertine and marble are a promise of convenience in everyday care. Keeping them clean does not pose any problems and possibly the removal of dirt takes place quickly and with the use of ordinary cleaning agents. In addition, properly impregnated marble conducts heat well and resists water quite effectively. For this reason alone, the offered products are suitable not only for homes but also for larger industrial and commercial spaces. Travertine + Emperador mosaics and tiles will last many years. Their durability will positively surprise even the most demanding critics because their production uses the best quality natural stones that have undergone modern processing. Choose luxury and elegance at a friendly price!

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