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Top-quality mosaics and tiles require at least the same class of preparations when you want to install them permanently. This task will be met by Techn!k building chemicals dedicated to DUNIN products. Thanks to it, you can effectively mount the mosaic on the wall or floor, effectively binding it to the substrate. Our clients can choose proven adhesives, grouts and solvents for this purpose. We also offer agents useful for already renovated surfaces, e.g. impregnations and oils which will help protect the tiles and give them additional visual effects. Techn!k building chemicals form a guarantee of a successful renovation.

Order solid adhesives and grouts

You can find universal adhesives and grouts on store shelves, but you will only get a guarantee of effectiveness when choosing products for specific types of material. The list is long, because mosaics and tiles can be made of, for example, natural stones, wood or ges. At DUNIN, we took care of products dedicated to selected groups of materials. In our catalogs you will find, among others PowerFlex Techn!k building chemicals for wooden elements and Crystal Fix adhesive for mirrors. Our catalogs also include grouts in various color shades which you can easily adjust to the color of the ordered mosaic. The offered articles for finishing works will surprise you not only with the quality but also with a very attractive price, combined with significant efficiency.

Oils and impregnations for a better mosaic appearance

Mosaics and tiles are installed for many years because they are products of considerable durability. Nevertheless, in order to maximize their life, it is worth investing in appropriate oils and Techn!k impregnants. They will properly protect the material, e.g. increasing the material’s resistance to humidity or dirt. They should be used systematically which is not a problem because they are easy to use. Thanks to them, the use of the mosaic will be as comfortable as possible. These are not all the advantages because e.g. impregnants can give the stone additional visual effects. We offer 100% professional preparations, completely safe for mosaics placed at home or in the company. In case of problems with the selection of funds, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

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