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One of the most impressive items in DUNIN catalogues with a highly complex pattern – Medallion mosaics are dynamic products that guarantee a lot of experience to anyone who looks at them for a moment. The designers managed to flawlessly tame the rich design of the tiles, creating coherent images that convey interesting stories. Each element of the mosaic was prepared with attention to the smallest details, so that the entire composition looks impeccable. Medallion mosaics are made of natural stones, which further enhances their attractiveness.

Create unique arrangements

Medallion mosaics have many faces. Even the same product but used in interiors of different styles will look completely different due to its role in the entire arrangement. Tiles from the Medallion series will add elegance to any room, increasing its visual value. They can be, for example, the central point of a restaurant hall, hotel corridor or home lounge. They will delight guests with a unique style that will not be boring even after many years. Finished DUNIN mosaics work well with other stone and wooden surfaces. In combination with them, they charm with their natural beauty and richness of patterns. If you are enchanted by Medallion tiles, but are looking for an even more personalized design, take advantage of the possibility of making patterns on an individual order.

Design power of nature

Natural stones practically never go out of style. It is a permanent element of internal and external arrangement projects that can be found both in homes and companies. Their popularity is related to the unique design of the stone material. You can feel the invisible hand of nature in it, where chance and time create unique things. This can be seen in the Medallion mosaics. For their design, we use, among others: marble, travertine, onyx and slate. Their advantage is not only the highest-quality aesthetic values, but also properties. Properly impregnated, they become easy to clean. They cope well with extreme temperatures (e.g. in the garden) and water (e.g. at paddling pools). In addition, they can boast a considerable durability, so they will please the eye for many years.

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