Terms and conditions of cooperation with Stores:


  • Minimum order – 1 pc.
  • Free transport in the case of the following orders:

* mosaic over 1m2
* Arabesco, Carat, Tritone, Lunar, 3D Mazu collection – above PLN 1000 net
* stone, glass, porcelain tiles with a width of 60 cm – over PLN 1800 net
* Chemicals – above PLN 300 net

  • Below this price, the shipment is performed at the customer’s expense which is confirmed in advance by DUNIN Customer Service.
  • 60 cm wide stone and porcelain tiles for orders over 2.5 m2 are sent on a pallet
  • A refundable deposit per pallet is charged for pallet dispatch

Mouldings & coving, 3D Wallstar panels

  • Minimum order – 1 pc.
  • Free transport:

* mouldings, 3D panels – for a minimum of 200 PLN net
* chemicals – with orders of at least PLN 300 net

  • Below this price, the shipment is performed at the customer’s expense which is confirmed in advance by DUNIN Customer Service.
  • A refundable deposit per pallet is charged for pallet dispatch

The Customer has the right to return the purchased goods without giving any reason within a period not exceeding 14 working days from the date of delivery.

The returned goods must be complete, undamaged, without signs of use and must be returned in their original packaging.

The Business Partner returns the goods by a means of transport convenient to him (courier company, own transport).

Damage caused by incorrect packaging of returned goods is the responsibility of the Business Partner.

Business Partner covers the cost of returning the goods.


  1. 1. The entity entitled to make a complaint is the DUNIN Business Partner. If the discovery of the defect was made by another person, then the complaint notification is made through the DUNIN Business Partner from whom the product was purchased.
  2. 2. All complaints should be submitted via email to the DUNIN Customer Service Office (CSO).
Contact details:
e-mail: zamowienia@dunin.eu
tel: + 48 33 819 27 31
Shipping address for complaints or returns:

DUNIN Warehouse,

43-300 Bielsko-Biała

Krakowska 183


  1. Each customer complaint must include:
  • Description
  • Copy of a purchase invoice and/or delivery note
  • Photographs of the described complaint
  • In the case of transport damage, a damage protocol is drawn up with the courier.

All of the aforementioned arrangements refer to courier and pallet transport.

    • Collection of parcels: When collecting parcels, you should always check the condition of the parcel in the presence of the courier. Pay particular attention and carefully check parcels bearing traces of damage, having visible dents, broken company tape or the number of parcels differs from the one specified in the waybill. If the parcel is damaged or incomplete, draw up the Damage Protocol in the presence of the courier. The protocol must be written on the day of receipt of the parcel. In the absence of the protocol, complaints will not be considered.
    • Pallet collection: When collecting pallet shipments that bear traces of damage, have visible dents or do not have external protection in the form of clamping tapes, stretch film or company tape, the shipment must always be checked in the presence of the courier and the Damage Protocol must be drawn up. If the pallet shipment does not have any external damage and irregularities are only discovered after unpacking the consignment, the Business Partner has up to 6 days from the date of delivery to lodge a complaint with DUNIN Customer Service.
  • In the event of non-compliance between the goods and the invoice, DUNIN undertakes to take back the wrongly released goods from the Business Partner, from whom the goods were purchased, and replace them with the correct ones.
  • In the case of the shipment shortage, DUNIN will send the missing goods to the Business Partner.
  • Quantitative complaints must be submitted within 3 days of receipt of the goods.

    • Quality complaints are considered on the basis of a description (complaint protocol) and photographs of the goods. Full documentation must be submitted within 7 days from the date of complaint. In exceptional cases, a DUNIN Sales Representative will go to inspect the goods.
    • When assembling DUNIN products, the recommendations of the DUNIN Assembly Manual should be followed. The instructions are enclosed with the goods, available at dunin.eu or directly from the manufacturer.
  • Products for which an additional discount has been granted (second quality, end of series) are not subject to complaint;
  • Differences in colour shades in individual production batches do not form grounds for complaint if the Sales Partner orders the selected product in different production batches;
  • The DUNIN offer includes products made from natural raw materials. Their structure and colour may differ from the pattern on the display stand. This is not a defect or the result of poor quality but a natural characteristic of the material from which the product is made;
  • The Customer is obliged to check and compare the delivered goods with respect to shade, colour, calibration, size, date of manufacture, etc. within 30 days of receipt of the goods. After this time, complaints will not be considered;
  • Complaints regarding colour, calibration, size of the goods or other physical characteristics must be made before the goods are fitted or otherwise permanently connected to the substrate, otherwise complaints will not be considered.

Alan Kamiński

Northern Region Sales Manager

tel. + 48 516 023 942

e-mail: alan.kaminski@dunin.eu

Radosław Piekarczyk

Southern Region Sales Manager

tel. + 48 514 145 605

e-mail: radoslaw.piekarczyk@dunin.eu

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