CTA-061 ceiling cornice

7,98 € per linear meter

CTA-061 Ceiling cornice moulding are elegant finish of the ceilings. They suits both, for traditional and modern interiors.They are made from lightweight, hard and sound-absorbent, isothermal material. DUNIN CTA-061 are durable, hard, and especially functional thanks to water resistant features. Coated with primer.

  • can be painted with any color
  • polyurethane
  • easy to assemble


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6 cm
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6 cm
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Simple solutions, wide choice

Smooth ceiling mouldings come in many versions because the appearance of individual models is determined by their shape. Due to them these seemingly very similar products gain originality and uniqueness. Of course, we also made sure that the offer of the DUNIN includes “clean” mouldings, i.e. basically free of any decors, models. When talking about the visual differences between individual mouldings, the size issue should also be mentioned. The accessories are of different heights. This makes it easier to fit them into the most complex wall and ceiling connections. We took care of a wide range of products because we want everyone to easily find accessories tailored to their own needs and preferences.

Models with a concave or convex design

cornices can change a room beyond recognition. Seemingly insignificant details but selected in a consistent way ultimately have a significant impact on the visual perception of a living room or office. It is not only about arrangement issues but also about the optics of the rooms. In the catalogue we have smooth ceiling strips with a concave or convex line. Their thoughtful use directly influences the perception of the room’s cubature. Such action can, for example, give more harmony and warmth to surfaces of considerable height, optically slightly lowering them. Curtain strips can also boast a non-standard structure, behind which, among others, ceiling rails can be hidden to make the curtains look even more striking.

Premium class ceiling strips

Design matters, but DUNIN products are also a guarantee of the highest quality of workmanship. Smooth ceiling Mouldings are made of the best materials. The production process uses waterproof POLYSTAR with a high degree of hardness. This has a direct impact on the high durability of the accessories, for example in terms of mechanical damage. They remain uncomplicated to install. Individual elements can be quickly cut to the desired size so that they remain perfectly aligned with the line of the wall and ceiling. The skirting boards have a protected outer surface which, if necessary, can be repainted in any color, consistent with the arrangement of the room. Let us add that smooth ceiling strips are intended for internal use.

Practical advantages of ceiling Mouldings

The attractive appearance remains the main advantage of the ceiling Mouldings. In addition, they effectively mask various imperfections remaining after renovation or wall damage. In addition, the products can be used as masking panels for routing electrical installations or cables for e.g. RTV equipment. We recommend using dedicated preparations from our catalogs for installation the skirting boards. They will help to properly bind the articles to the ground so that they stably adhere to the wall and ceiling. Techn!K buidling chemicals will be a good choice in this regard. The products include a range of articles, including adhesives designed to attach cornices, wall profiles and skirting boards. We also encourage you to buy WS AQUA JOINER, a waterproof grout with high efficiency.

The elegant minimalism of smooth ceiling moudlings belongs to the style of a fairly universal application. It will match timeless, classic arrangements. It will be perfect in modern, fashionable interiors. It is also worth considering in the case of Scandinavian, eclectic or glamorous rooms. Smooth ceiling strips are quickly appreciated for their decorative potential and practical properties, especially among people who decorate home or business areas.

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