COB-081 ceiling cornice

11,03 € per linear meter

COB-081 Ceiling cornice moulding are elegant finish of the ceilings. They suits both, for traditional and modern interiors.They are made from lightweight, hard and sound-absorbent, isothermal material. DUNIN COB-081 are durable, hard, and especially functional thanks to water resistant features. Coated with primer.

  • can be painted with any color
  • polyurethane
  • easy to assemble


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Length 1 pcs.
200 cm
8 cm
priming paint
8,5 cm
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Effective cornices for ceilings

cornices on ceilings is a fashionable, though not so widely used solution. Nevertheless, ceiling mouldings with ornament will surely form a satisfying purchase. They provide significant support in designing harmonious, visually coherent places. The richly decorated products can be turned into a perfect addition to, for example, a glamorous living room. Ceiling strips with ornament will also find their way into other styles, remaining one of the main points of the arrangement or a subtle addition that attracts attention. This is the better choice as the accessories have a variety of dimensions, for example in terms of height, so that they can be used in rooms of different volumes.

Mouldings with designer decorations

There are probably as many tastes and ideas for interior design as there are people who deal with it. For this reason, we have made every effort to ensure that the DUNIN catalogs contain as many items as possible with various designs. We have managed to create an interesting list of premium standard accessories in terms of design and quality of workmanship. As a result, ceiling mouldings with an ornament are equipped with, for example, floral motifs, effective ribbons or patterns based on geometric figures. In addition, there are graphic references to classic cornices. In order to meet the needs of designers, we make it possible to order samples of individual models. There are decorative ceiling Mouldings with a convex or concave structure.

Guarantee of the highest quality of workmanship

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