C-BG04 ((skirting end))

4.41  pcs.

The end of the C-BG03 plinth, corner for a decorative skirting board. Glossy beige glaze.

  • ceramic
  • corner complementing the Carat collection (the same shade of glaze)
  • elegant finish

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Product information
9 mm
Slice/tile dimension
0,7x15 cm
for the walls
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Another important position in the DUNIN catalogs are Carat ceramic tiles, perfect for the walls of living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They give great compositional possibilities,because individual models can be quite freely combined with each other, creating creative arrangements. Carat tiles are products that tell a story. We invite you to the sublime world of Carat tiles where tradition and modernity are combined, and classic simplicity harmonizes with decorative richness.

Unique 3D arrangements

Many of the Carat series tiles, carefully arranged, will give the walls an impressive 3D effect. In this way, you can design quilted wall surfaces in various colors for the 21st century. We offer products in the color of, among others White black and beige. A large selection allows you to freely navigate the issue of interior decoration, choosing solutions precisely personalized in terms of your own taste. Carat tiles should be reached by all people who are fans of dynamic structures with many elements.

A room in the chosen style

Carat tiles escape traditional patterns and, as a result, they work in a variety of styles. Thanks to our products, you can also create completely fresh, previously unknown concepts. Importantly, the tiles are not only aesthetic, but also comfortable to use. They cope well with conditions in the kitchen or bathroom (temperature, humidity). Cleaning them practically does not cause any problem. It is good to choose Carat because apart from the aesthetic valu you choose a practical solution for home or commercial / industrial interiors. If there are doubts about the combination of specific elements while selecting the tiles, it is worth ordering a sample. We will send you a test tile at an express pace. Thanks to this solution, you can be sure of the final appearance of the designed arrangement. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will advise you on any matter.

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